Convergence has delivered solutions to many government clients and has long-standing relationships providing support to departments and agencies delivering critical services. Convergence provides product-based solutions capable of meeting the requirements of all United States Federal Agencies. The government’s robust and ever-growing requirements for distributed computing and resource/data sharing have created complex data and network-intensive environments.

However, the government’s obligation to seek efficiencies and cost savings has not diminished. The answer to this apparent conflict has been the development of virtualized, consolidated, cloud-based, and software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) integrated with the government’s high-level security requirements.

Among Convergence’s clients are many United States Federal Civil, Defense and Intelligence community Agencies and offices, as well as numerous state and local government entities.

GSA Contract Holder

Expiration Date: March 2020

Convergence Technology Consulting has been a proven GSA IT service provider since 2005.

As a GSA certified provider, Convergence offers IT consulting services for government clients at the local, state and federal levels with well defined rates and conditions.

Convergence provides high quality, on-budget public sector IT solutions. Since becoming GSA certified, Convergence has been engaged across a wide range of IT consulting jobs for local, state and Federal governments, agencies and bureaus. As an added benefit, many of Convergence’s engineers hold security clearances and have worked on projects for many federal and state agencies that require background checks and adherence to data security and sensitivity.

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