Risk is around every corner when it comes to Cyber, today’s executives need to combine cyber risk management with the strategic business planning. We work with CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s to provide the tools required to lead their company’s effort for cyber security and enable our clients solutions that will effectively meet the demands and gain insight into corporate risk and security controls using our software Spectrum™. With so many regulatory mandates and stakeholder demands for transparency, accountability, and enterprise risk management on the rise, organizations face constant demands to improve their governance, risk, and compliance practices. Mature organizations realize the importance of building an efficient, collaborative enterprise program across their entire enterprise; IT, finance, operations and legal functional areas.

SpectrumTM, our risk management software, combined with proven methodologies are the most effective way to identify and manage your cyber risk. Spectrum is designed to give our clients an unprecedented view of their security strengths and weaknesses by providing an intuitive graphical views and detailed analysis that can be utilized by our customer’s leadership from the Board Room to the deepest layer of cyber analytics to manage cyber risk.


In today’s world of rapid changes in technology, we need to find a partner that understands the security landscape and alignment between Offensive (Red Team) tactics and Defensive (Blue Team) tactics. The typical company’s strategy includes building a bigger and thicker wall around your organization and securing rights management within the organization – companies have learned that strategy is weak at best. Also, throwing technologies at perceived security holes is adding infrastructure complexity most likely without achieving a long term strategy.

Process Verification

We review the companies Cyber Policy and processes to verify that it is up to date and assists in improving your company’s infrastructure roadmap. We review traffic flow, the security design principals, network & security solutions, and review your existing policy to ensure a complete understanding of your critical infrastructure so we can provide the best assessment.

Compliance Assessments

We will assist your IT environment complies with the industry and government standards of compliance. Your company needs a Convergence to help you to know and comply of the industry and government standards for IT security. We have worked with Federal and Commercial customers assessing and evaluating their systems in advance of any audits and we test for security authorization. We support the compliance requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, PII, PCI, etc.

Security Architecture

At Convergence, we have experts that use their real world knowledge of exploits and threats to identity any vulnerabilities that could breach your company’s security, whether it be from a negligent employee or a malicious hacker. We will analyze your systems for weaknesses that could leave your sensitive information vulnerable to an attack.

We work closely with you to create a penetration testing based on your company’s unique security goals. After the penetration testing and analysis has concluded, we will give you a report detailing our findings with recommendations for addressing the vulnerabilities in your network.

We believe by performing a risk assessment, implementing a comprehensive security strategy that includes education is a much smart and cost effective approach.

Our cyber capabilities are broken into two groups, Red Team (Offensive) and Blue Team (Defensive), below is how these two groups are broken downs:

Blue Team (Defensive) Presence Establishment Process Verification Asset Capture Vulnerability Management Escalation Continuous Monitoring Persistence Maintenance Intrusion Detection Hunting and Gathering Security Architecture Exfiltration Contingency Planning Process/Procedure Validation Capabilities Evaluation Attack Modeling Incident Response

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