Help Desk Support

Convergence has an extensive experience providing successful Tier 0, 1, 2 and 3 Information Technology Help Desk solutions and support services. Our Help Desk models are scalable, and many of our clients enjoy 24x7x365 support availability, with guaranteed maximum wait times for an engineer to be on the call or even on-site, to ensure maximum availability of your data.

Our proven technical capability demonstrates our ability to handle large Help Desks, user bases and multiple systems requiring critical mission support. We can deliver this capability in a hosted or on-site model.

Along with Help Desk Support, Convergence can provide an asset management tracking option. Options include a variety of technologies, and the appropriate one can be deployed for your tracking needs to ensure maximum positive control over your hardware assets, as well as in assisting your organization in ensuring that hardware requirements are maintained.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) are two of the most critical elements in any organization’s infrastructure, and are often some of the most overlooked and underfunded elements. Each element has a particular role to play, and failing to plan for either could leave an enterprise crippled while mission critical services are brought back online, if that is even possible.

While the terms DR and COOP are often used together, Disaster Recovery preparations should not be confused with COOP. Disaster Recovery plans are meant to provide a series of steps and tasks by which mission critical operations can be resumed in the event of a catastrophe, such as fire or flood, at a primary business location. Continuity of Operations plans provide an enterprise with redundancy in systems infrastructure that allow normal operations to continue in the event of a system failure. This is usually associated with high availability systems and server farms with multiple zones. Another way of putting it is that DR protects against the total loss of a building while COOP provides redundancy which ensures always-on functionality.

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